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I dont know who I am
Just walking and walking to future

Well, I love to make a new friendship, Si Tipis :*, and everything make me feel happy. I hate all about insect a lot. Why? Because I had a dream, there is insects surrounded me. Very crazy dream, ever I had. I love cat :3 I think I have a CRAZY LIFE. If you know my story life, you will shock and cry. Okay, ignore it. Right now, you already know some about me.

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budak kecik yg chumill
Friday, 9 March 2012 @ 18:51 // leave a comment? [0 letters]

budak ni chumil..budak ni garang..budak ni kecik..budak ni mg mcm budak2..suke main hujan..serius..hahaha..kiding..x pyh lha eh nk mention nme die..ta penting pun..yg korng perlu thu.aq suke at die.cukop..hahaha..btw aq x layak lha untuk die..die mcm x suke aq pun ade..black apple so sad..btw nk buat cmner kn..dh org ta suke at kita, kita terima je lha..org slalu ckp LELAKI SUKE PENDAM MASALAH DIA..

SO,aq pun nk PENDAM MASALAH ni DALAM2...